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History of the Academy

Initiated in the fall of 2004, the Technology Integration Mentor Academy (TIMAC) is a peer-mentoring-based professional development initiative with the goal of supporting individuals at adult education agencies to become the technology mentor for their program(s) and thereby increase the effective use of technology in adult education classrooms. Although instructors from any program area may apply, the focus is on mentoring instructors in basic skills (ESL, ABE, ASE, GED). In addition, within its seven-year existence, the Academy has seen the development of a group of professionals committed to providing leadership in the field of adult education in California to implement effective technology integration

Annual reports have continuously showed increased mentoring and technical skills as self reported by the participants and their colleagues/mentees.

Research and experience has shown that mentoring is one of the most effective models for staff development. This is why a significant portion of TIMAC training is dedicated to developing skills in mentoring and leadership. Charts below represent consistent increase in mentoring skills for TIMAC participants in all cohorts, as measured at the beginning and at the end of the first year of participation.

pre survey chart post survey chart