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Selection Criteria

The successful applicant will have already demonstrated enthusiasm for technology integration in her/his own classroom, and leadership within her/his program, although she/he doesn’t need to be in an official leadership position. It is not necessary to have extensive knowledge of a variety of technologies, but rather to be ready and willing to learn and experiment, and most importantly be willing and able to share new knowledge and skills with colleagues.

The weighted criteria for selection are:


  • Commitment to technology integration into basic skills instruction, as demonstrated by classroom practice and other activities (30%)
  • Willingness to make year-long commitment to developing the skills of a technology mentor (15%)
  • Evidence of leadership skills (30%)
  • Evidence of technology skills (15%)
  • Resume uploaded (10%)


  • New agency (10%)
  • Evidence of a plan for participant's time/project (20%)
  • Program focus on technology (20%)
  • Willing to provide release time for participation (10%)
  • Willing to provide release time for mentoring and/or project (10%)
  • Willing to send participant to at least one conference (10%)
  • Capacity to provide equipment and tech support (10%)
  • Tech plan uploaded (10%)

Please submit only one nominee per agency. In addition to reviewing applications based on the above criteria, the selection committee will make every effort to ensure that participants represent a balance of program areas and geographic regions. While applicants from a program that has already participated in TIMAC will be considered, priority will be given to new programs in an effort to distribute the benefits of TIMAC across the state.

Agency Sponsorship Option

In addition to the 10 accepted participants, those agencies willing to fund their own candidate will be able to secure one of the five additional spots available in the Academy, bringing the maximum number of participants to 15. The cost for the agency would be $800 payable to the Sacramento County Office of Education, OTAN. This amount covers the cost of logistics.

Additional Information

If you have questions or need more information, please contact:
Branka Marceta, OTAN
(800) 894-3113 or (916) 228-2587 or bmarceta@otan.us

Application Process

Applications are submitted online, at www.otan.us/timac/index.cfm?fuseaction=application, and are due by midnight on September 11, 2015. A team of technology mentors and OTAN staff will review applications. The application includes the following:

  1. Section Completed by Instructor/Applicant
    Online Form: Application cover page
    Online Form: Statement by applicant (replies to 4 questions)
    Upload: Applicant's resume, indicating professional involvement and use of technology

  2. Section Completed by Administrator
    Online Form: Nomination by the program administrator (replies to 3 questions)
    Upload: Agency's Technology Plan

We recommend that responses be written in MS Word, then copied and pasted into the correct field. Have electronic copies of your resume and your agency's technology plan on your computer so it can be uploaded with your application.

You will need to create a TIMAC account by providing an e-mail and password in order to complete the application process.