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three circle venn diagram illustrating the connections between technological knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and content knowledge
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Teaching with Technology

You know your subject, you know how to get your students engaged and focused, but what about how technology can enhance your lesson? Here is a new tool to help adult education teachers locate and learn about Web sites and other technology related to the lesson topic.

Start by choosing your program area: Adult Basic Education (ABE), English as a Second Language (ESL), or Adult Secondary Education (ASE). Then choose the level of your class, the skill you want to address, and the standard or CASAS competency for the lesson. When you search, the tool will find all the technology examples that fit your criteria. You can also search for key words.

Watch the introduction video on this page to learn more. There are also videos on the pages for each program area where a teacher explains how they use this site.

Look for technology to match your lesson

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