Adult Education Strategic Plan
Formal Workgroups and Committees

Project Team (PT)

  • Adult Education Office Team
  • Debra Jones, Administrator
  • Cliff Moss, Consultant
  • Diane Hurley, Consultant
  • Matthew Parsons, Consultant
  • WestEd Team
  • Svetlana Darche, Senior Research Associate
  • Nara Nayar, Research Associate
  • Elisa Ordona, Administrative Assistant
  • Paul Downs, Strategic Planning Consultant

Steering Committee (SC)

Field Partnership Team (FPT)

  • Dwayne Robinson, President CAEAA, Region 2
  • Joyce Lude, Region 3
  • Brigitte Marshall, Region 4
  • Joanne Durkee, Region 5
  • Carol S. Hirota, Region 6
  • Marie Pinto, Region 7
  • Susan Handy Region 8
  • Kathleen Porter, Region 9
  • JoDee Guerard, Region 10
  • Ed Morris, Region 11a
  • Cherise Moore, Region 11b
  • Sue Gilmore, Historian
  • Mike Wada, President, CCAE
  • Mary Prather, President, ACSA Adult Education
  • Mariann Fedele, Project Director, CALPRO
  • Pat Rickard, Executive Director, CASAS
  • Marian Thatcher, Director, OTAN



Expert Panel

Stakeholder Panel

The Stakeholder Panel includes relevant agencies / organizations / educational systems that have a vested interest in the educational attainment, workforce skills, aging population, and independent living skills of adults. The Panel will provide broad stakeholder input to ensure that the viewpoints of stakeholders across multiple organizations are appropriately reflected. The Panel will provide written feedback during the needs assessment as well as review and comment on the draft of the plan.

Key Informants

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