Adult Education Strategic Plan
Process Stages and Timeline

Phase One: Needs Assessment

This phase includes, among other activities, an extensive review of research reports and data; research of other state programs; key informant interviews with leaders at the CDE, external leaders in postsecondary education, technology, assessment and accountability, and professional development, research policy analysts and the Legislative Analyst's Fiscal and Policy Office.

Early needs assessment activities include field participation at statewide conferences in order to get an initial perspective on driving forces and their potential implications for the future of adult education. Participants include administrators and practitioners who are leaders at the state, regional, and local levels, and who are active in advocating for adult education. The state conferences provide an efficient and representative means to get important information and insight.

Needs Assessment [PDF]

Phase Two: Planning Process and
Phase Three: Plan Review and CDE Approval

Refer to Appendix C of "Linking Adults to Opportunity: Transformation of the California Department of Education Adult Education Program" located under the "Strategic Plan" tab and the research and planning timeline located under the "Activities" tab of this web site.

Activities Timeline

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