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USC Rossier Toolkit for Digitally-Literate Teachers

Posted on 07/20/2016

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Digital literacy is defined as the ability to find, evaluate, share and create content using the internet — but it's much more than that. Digital literacy skills (also referred to as "21st century learning skills") have permeated the classroom, becoming requirements for both teachers and students.

To address this need, USC Rossier worked with education expert Leah Anne Levy External link opens in new window or tab to create a Toolkit for Digitally-Literate Teachers. This toolkit provides teachers and school administrators with how-to guides, actionable strategies and real-life examples of the benefits of digital literacy in the classroom.

The following five sections delve deeper into various aspects of being a digitally-literate teacher.

  • Why Digital Literacy is Important
  • Top 11 Myths About Digital Literacy
  • Real Life Examples of Digitally-Literate Classrooms
  • Digital Literacy Resource List
  • Skills and Tools for Digitally-Literate Teachers

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