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California WIA Program Facts

Posted on 06/27/2012


CASAS (www) has provided a two-page document providing program facts (pdf) for Workforce Investment Act, Title II (WIA), agencies in California in 2010-11. It provides information on the need in California for improving English skills, getting a high school diploma, and finding jobs, along with the percent of adult learners in WIA programs that have these needs. It also shows that all instructional levels met and exceeded the performance goals set for California by the Department of Education. It states that "[m]ore than 12,000 learners received a GED and more than 10,000 learners attained a high school diploma in 2010-11," and explains the increased need for adult education to meet California's economic goals.

Programs may find this short document useful in explaining the importance and functions of adult education to school boards, community groups, and the press. A longer version (www) is available on the CASAS Web site.

Adobe Reader required (www) to read and download PDF documents.