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CAAL Primer on Creating and Funding Legislation

Posted on 04/21/2010


Council for Advancement of Adult Literacy (CAAL) has published a 4-page "primer" to help demystify the process by which laws are proposed, passed and funded by the US Congress.

The new publication, Making & Funding Laws: A Primer, is co-authored by Gene Sofer, founding partner of The Susquehanna Group in Washington, D.C., and Gail Spangenberg, president of CAAL. The focus of the primer is to help adult education providers understand how the authorization and appropriation processes work in the US Congress.

Main topics covered include the various steps in the process by which a proposed bill becomes a law and is funded. For example:

  • How a bill is initially drafted and introduced
  • Going to committees and sub-committees
  • The "hearings and amendment process
  • How a bill is brought to the House (Congress) and amended
  • The steps to resolution and passing
  • The "Appropriations" process – how a bill is funded

The primer provides a comprehensible overview of this process, which can take up to many years, and gives special attention to the best times to provide input and affect the outcome of important legislation and funding.  The primer is available free of charge- click here Making & Funding Laws: A Primer to connect to the link and download the PDF file.


Founded in 2001, the Council for Advancement of Adult Literacy (CAAL) is a national nonprofit public charity. Its broad mission is to help advance adult education and literacy in the United States – to move adult literacy out of the shadows into the mainstream of American education, as required by the nation's 21st century needs. CAAL operates on a nonpartisan basis and free of vested interests.