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Adult Education Waiting List in Many States

Posted on 03/31/2010


The National Council of State Directors of Adult Education (NCSDAE) has conducted a survey for the last several years on the length and duration of waiting lists for adult education classes. The Survey for 2009-10 has been recently posted, and shows that 50 out of 51 states and territories that responded have students on waiting lists. Seventy-two percent of the local agencies that responded indicated that they have a waiting list, and 160,000 potential learners are on those lists. The survey also found that the number of months a student might stay on a waiting list has doubled since the previous year.

Seventy-two agencies in California responded to the voluntary survey, and of those 63 said that they do have a waiting list. Most of these, 37, noted that students spend between 2-4 months on the waiting list. The number of students on the waiting list for a particular agency ranged from less than 20 to over 1,000, with the majority reporting a waiting list of 21-50 potential learners.