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Hayward Adult School To Offer "One Stop" Collaborative Retraining Project at NUMMI

Posted on 03/26/2010

Auto workers

The New United Motor Manufacturing Inc.(NUMMI) is the only remaining vehicle manufacturing plant in California.  Established in 1984 in the bay-area community of Fremont, NUMMI will close its’ doors on March 31, 2010, leaving nearly 5,000 California workers jobless. 

In advance of the plant closing, Hayward Adult School collaborated with Alameda County WIB, where together they proposed to provide a set of comprehensive Employment Training Services to laid-off NUMMI employees.

Ana Solomon, Principal at Hayward Adult School, shared that in the planning stages of the collaboration, staff from each organization met  to determine areas of needs, to  develop curriculum and workshops, and to plan to provide all the services that employees might need as they take the next steps in their lives.

These services, to be offered at the work site, include offering a series of "Employment Preparation Workshops," including:

  • The Resume Basics Workshop
  • The Resume Fine Tuning Workshop
  • The Interview and Dress for Success Workshop
  • The Job Search and Job Application Workshop
  • The Job Club Workshop

Each workshop is designed to assist individuals in the difficult transition they, and many Americans are currently facing.  Collaborations between adult schools and workforce agencies, such as the project described here, provide support, counseling and services to those in transition. 

See the news archive of this story, first seen on KQED NPR of San Francisco, CA.