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Scholarships for New Americans: Resources for Transition

Posted on 03/12/2010

DFW International, a community organization located in Texas, has recently published a free Scholarship Guide aimed at helping minority students and new Americans gain access to funds and resources to help them transition to higher education.

The Scholarship Guide, although published in Texas, is a great resource for ALL students nationwide. The 48-page document includes:

  • A college prep timeline for  high school students
  • Suggested college prep curriculum and course suggestions
  • Elements that help students succeed
  • How to enroll in college
  • How to access financial aid, with special emphasis on help and resources for minority students and new Americans
  • A comprehensive A-Z directory of scholarship and financial aid information from private and public sources

Some examples of resources listed include:

  • Adelante! US Education Leadership Fund for Hispanic Students
  • African American Scholarship links
  • Colgate Minority Scholarships
  • Denny’s Single Parents Scholarship
  • The Gates Millennium Undergraduate Scholarship Program
  • Iranian American Scholarship Fund
  • Native American Education Grant
  • Re-entry Student Scholarship
  • UCLA Scholarships Based on Ethnicity

Students, parents, teachers, counselors and school administrator will find this a useful tool for those seeking access and opportunities for those transitioning to higher education. 

The Scholarship Guide, funded by Citigroup and the Meadows Foundation, was developed by DFW International, whose mission it is "to build mutual understanding and respect by linking diverse international cultural communities."