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Raising Awareness for Adult Literacy: Cultivating Media Relations

Posted on 11/13/2009

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In celebration of Adult Education and Family Literacy Week, The National Coalition for Literacy (NCL) has posted a series of articles on their blog aimed at helping adult education agencies raise awareness of adult ESL, create strategic partnerships and cultivate media relations to benefit our programs. Some of the recent postings include:

  • Raising Awareness of Adult ESL: John Segota shares how adult ESL programs can have a great impact by raising awareness and visibility in their own community, and provides examples of how agencies are using social media tools, such as those noted in a news article recently posted on OTAN, New Videos About Adult ESL Programs in California.
  • Advocating Smarter: In a 2-part article, David Rosen discusses how peoples' values impact their understanding of what adult literacy education is, whether it should have their support, and how they choose to support it.
  • Strategic Partnering as a Public Relations Tool: Marsha Tait shares strategies and tools for collaborating with other agencies to get media attention paid to your program.

To see the most recent articles, visit the front page of the blog. Articles here will change regularly, and you can comment on any article and view earlier articles from the front page.