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Adult Numeracy Network Announces Math Practitioner Research Projects

Posted on 08/24/2009

ANN Logo

The Adult Numeracy Network (ANN) has released the application for this year’s adult education math practitioner research projects. The Adult Numeracy Network is an affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and the Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE). ANN’s website states that it is "a community dedicated to quality mathematics instruction at the adult level." This year, they will offer two opportunities for teachers of adult mathematics to conduct research.

The research projects provide a $500.00 cash award, with the goal of encouraging practitioners to try new classroom methods and techniques, based on ANN's Teaching and Learning Principles.

Applicants must provide information on the following four components of practitioner research:

  1. Identify the question to be researched.
  2. Discuss how you will collect data to answer the question.
  3. Analyze and interpret the data.
  4. Share the findings.

Grant recipients must be members of ANN, and can join when they apply. Applications are due September 25, 2009.  ANN also publishes a newsletter,  The Math Practitioner and hosts the Numeracy Discussion List.