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Weekly Technology News on NPR

Posted on 03/23/2009

Starting in November 2008, every Monday, All Things Considered has been airing its new series called All Tech Considered to explore the sometimes daunting — always changing — world of technology.  On NPR’s Web site you can find a blog with all the stories so far consisting of the audio part, text and photos, and some with video.

Some of the topics covered so far cover:

  • Use of Clickers (Student Response Systems),
  • Reducing Carbon Footprint of New Gadgets,
  • Traffic Reports Being Delivered to Your Cell Phone,
  • Using Webcams to Connect with Your Loved Ones,
  • Social Networking and more.

You also have the options to subscribe to podcasts (audio stories) or get notified of the new stories by RSS feed. Whether you decide to get your technology updates through the ‘old-fashioned’ way of radio or by using new technologies of Web 2.0, NPR makes is easy and fun for you to stay up to date.