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Migration Policy Institute Publishes Report on Immigrants in Los Angeles

Posted on 06/13/2008

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The Migration Policy Institute recently released Los Angeles on the Leading Edge (Fix, McHugh, Terrazas, & Laglagaron, 2008). While the focus of the report is on Los Angeles, it raises questions about the need for development and implementation of coordinated integration strategies and policies to benefit immigrants and communities in the United States. The report found that

  • nearly half of the Los Angeles County workforce is foreign-born
  • over 40 percent of the students in Los Angeles schools are English language learners—the great majority of them U.S. citizens
  • one-third of the adults living in Los Angeles are English language learners

The report recommends a continued focus on English language learning and civics instruction to give immigrants the knowledge they need to engage effectively in American civic life. The report also identifies policies and programs that can be implemented not only to assist immigrants as they integrate but also to aid the broader communities of which they are a part.

*Information from CAELA Network News, May 2008.