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New Hot Topic: Transition to Postsecondary

Posted on 03/03/2008

OTAN is pleased to announce a new Hot Topic that focuses on a topic that is gathering quite a bit of interest right now in the field of Adult Education. How well are we preparing our students for postsecondary education, and assisting them in making that transition? The federal Office of Vocational and Adult Education has published a report [PDF] on transition of ABE students to community colleges, and also provide information and links on this topic on their Web site.

The area of transitions was also a topic in the recent federal audit of adult education in California, where the federal audit team. In addition to the focus on improving performance in ABE High and ASE Low levels, it was noted that California could be doing a better job of tracking the outcomes of our students. How do we know how many of our students go to college, and how successful they are being? How could we better prepare them? These are questions that are being asked not just in California but around the country. One OVAE report [DOC] states that "It is widely acknowledged that the fastest growing jobs in the future will require some level of postsecondary education. …There is growing evidence that career pathways may provide a vehicle through which adult basic education students can be connected with postsecondary education."

Links to this information along with links to other research summaries, resources for professional development, and other Web sites, are pulled together in the Hot Topics area. You will also find links to other topics of interest. You can always find Hot Topics at the bottom of the OTAN home page.